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A house survey assesses a property and identifies major issues for a prospective buyer. Our surveys are undertaken by chartered surveyors, who visit the transaction property, conduct a survey, and prepare a report outlining any problems

Homebuyers Survey

Assessing the general condition of a property, documenting any and all faults, irregularities and health risks.

Building Survey

Inspections of a home’s structural integrity and electrical situation performed by chartered surveyors.

Property Valuation Report

An internal and external inspection of a property, being bought or sold, with a report of its value considering all factors.

Three reasons clients love us

Using us gives you all the benefits associated with comparison sites, panels, and high street surveyors

Cost savings
of a comparison site

We pass you the savings we get from our competing panel.

of a surveyor panel

Many surveyor firms mean many options.

of a high street surveyor

We hold your hand through the process.

Trusted professionals from start to finish

Knowledgeable and helpful advisors

Our surveying advice teams are trained by surveyors to understand the surveying process so that they ask all the right questions ahead of time!

Attentive and responsive support team

We do not just pass you to a surveyor. We continue to support you by making sure you are looked after and stepping in if you have any queries.

Regulated and vetted surveyors

We have taken the time to find a balance between price, reputation, and expertise in our panel. We use the best surveyors and hold them to high standards of service.

What you can expect


Get a fixed, no move, no legal fee, quote


Talk to our surveying advice team


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The safety of a fixed legal fee surveying quote

The surveying quotation you receive from us is provided on a fixed legal fee basis. This is unlike some surveyors who charge an hourly rate for their legal work, which can make it difficult to estimate how much your surveying services will cost. Note, this does not mean there is no possibility of extra non-legal costs. Neither we, nor surveying firm could promise that.

Our surveying panel cover all major lenders

All our surveyors are all registered chartered professionals.

What is Surveying?

In a nutshell, surveying involves the various inspections and reports carried out when buying a property. It’s a big investment – some might say massive. Wouldn’t you like to rest easy knowing that your new home is safe to occupy for you and your family? A chartered surveyor can see to that. Here’s how:

Surveying Step by Step:

A surveyor is an impartial party that facilitates inspection on a property. The type of survey will depend on the instructions given to the surveyor, and can include updating boundary lines, assessing the state of a building, and ascertaining property value. Here’s how the surveying process works:

Instruct a Surveyor

Once you’ve found your dream home and you’re preparing to put an offer in, contact your surveyor and decide on the surveys you’d like performed. If you’d like to know if the price is right, a valuation report would do. Not too sure about that dark patch in the bathroom? #HomebuyerReport

Arrange a Convenient Time

Your surveyor will arrange a day and time to visit your property of interest, performing the necessary inspections needed to compile his/her report. These can include structural, electrical and aesthetical inspections.

Report Development

A comprehensive home survey report is developed by your chartered surveyor and delivered to you for assessment. You can choose to show these reports to the seller or not, depending on the situation.

Google Rated 4.4 out of 5 Rated 4.4/5 on Google (1236 reviews)

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  • Fixed legal fee
    A fixed legal fee surveying quotation gives you peace of mind that what you are quoted for is what you pay. No hidden charges and no hourly rates. Find out how a fixed legal fee surveying quote with Home Legal Direct will benefit you.
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  • Our surveying panel are regulated and meet high standards of professional conduct and provide a high-quality service to clients.

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