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Property Conveyancing & Building Survey Guides

News and information about Home Legal Direct and about the conveyancing industry as whole.


Rated 4.4 out of 5 (1236 reviews) Mortgages in the UK Learn about mortgages, mortgage lenders, and mortgage rates in the UK. Home Legal Direct have partnered with a leading mortgage services company to offer you the very best care and advice when it comes to finding the right mortgage

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Sale and purchase conveyancing guide

Content Can I use the same conveyancer if buying and selling a property? What are the differences when buying and selling a property? Does the information in the welcome pack differ depending if you are a buyer or a seller? What is the conveyancing process when buying a property? What

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Property survey guide

What type of property survey is right for you? RICS Property Surveys A property survey is an important part of the process when buying a property. Choosing the right survey will help highlight any serious problems and inform you of the specific risks before you commit to the process of

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Equity release guide

Content What is equity release? What is a lifetime mortgage? What is a home reversion scheme? What is the difference between equity release and remortgage? How can I use equity release? Is equity release a good idea? Do I need a conveyancer for equity release? How does equity release work?

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Transfer of equity guide

Contents What is a transfer of equity? Why do people transfer equity? What are the types of property transfer when transferring equity? Do I need a conveyancer for transfer of equity? How does transfer of equity work What is the process for transfer of equity? How much does transfer of

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Remortgage guide

Content What is the definition of a remortgage? Why should I consider remortgaging? When is it a good time to remortgage? Is an early remortgage possible? How does a remortgage work? Do I need a solicitor when remortgaging How long should you expect the remortgaging process to take? Remortgaging Calculator

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Sale conveyancing guide

Contents What is conveyancing? What is a conveyancer? Do I need a conveyancer when selling a property? How long does conveyancing take? How do I get started with conveyancing? What information is provided in a conveyancing quote? How much does conveyancing cost? What is fixed fee conveyancing? What is no

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Purchase conveyancing guide

Content 1.0 – Conveyancing Process for Buyers 1.1 What is the conveyancing process when buying a property? 1.2 How long does conveyancing take? 1.3 How can the conveyancing process by sped up? 1.4 What information is it important to know when buying a property? 2.0 – Conveyancing Costs for Buyers

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