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Stamp duty land tax calculator

Calculate stamp duty (SDLT) in England and Northern Ireland with our instant stamp duty calculator.

Unless you are a First Time Buyer or buying under the threshold you will have to pay stamp duty land tax on you transaction.  It is calculated on your position as a buyer and on the price of the property you are buying, and it is paid to HM Revenue and Customs .

Its very important to always consider the stamp duty that is due to be paid as it can affect the borrowing you may need or the funds you personally will have to have available.  The full amount for stamp duty must be with your conveyancer between exchange and completion as they undertake to pay this on your behalf. If it is not paid on time, like any tax payment there will be interest added and fines due by you the customer. 

Your conveyancer completes the SDLT form (Stamp Duty Land Tax) and submits this with your payment. The certificate received is then put with you application for registration.  

The tax is different from country to country:

You pay the stamp duty when:

Stamp Duty in the UK

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