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We promise to take care of you through your move, because we understand how difficult buying and selling a home can be.

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Buying a home

Whether you are a first-time buyer or taking the next step up the property ladder.

Selling a home

Time to move on? Start the conveyancing process to sell your property.

Buying & Selling

For when you have a new property to buy and another to sell.


Get a better rate on your mortgage repayments by remortgaging.

Equity Release

Release equity from your property and make the most of your money.

Transfer of equity

Update the names on the property's title with a Transfer of Equity.

Buying a house? Get extra protection!

Moving home can go wrong. Gazumping, gazundering, Gaz-uling your money...
Protect yourself with Premium Buyer Protection!

What our Customers Have to Say

We've taken the stress out of home transfers for countless clients, and we don't plan on stopping any time soon! Below you'll find a collection of kind words from a few of our past clients. Did we facilitate an amazing experience for you? Get in touch and we'll add your story to the collection

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Premium Buyer Protection

A property purchase can fail due to the seller (vendor-driven failure), or the buyer (buyer-driven failure). We have insurance to protect you for up to 6 months.


Protection against

Protection Value

(Protection against)

Home Buyers Protection insurance

The ultimate peace of mind and protection against a vendor (seller) driven cancellation. This covers you for:

  • Property owner withdrawing the house from the market
  • Gazumping protection
  • Vendor not legally entitled to the property
  • Cover for properties in England and Wales
  • You, or a person you are purchasing the property with, being given a notice of redundancy
  • Your death, or the death of the person you are purchasing the property
  • Conveyancing Fees £1000
  • Valuation Fees and Survey Fees £750
  • Mortgage and Arrangement Fees £500

Read full details of Home Buyers Insurance

Vendor-driven failure£2250(Vendor-driven failure)

Chancel Insurance

If you are buying a property on land subject to chancel repair you will be legally obliged to contribute towards repairs to the chancel. The best way to protected against any Chancel Liability is not search it, but insure against it.

Future expense£1000+(Future expense)

Search insurance

Finally you can relax when paying large search payments upfront with our Search Insurance Product. This covers you for 6 months, allowing you to not have to worry if the vendor pulls out or under certain conditions you have to cancel the transaction.

Read full details of Search Insurance

Vendor-driven failure, Buyer-driven failure, future expense£349(Vendor-driven failure, Buyer-driven failure, future expense)

6 years file storage

Ever wondered where your title deeds are, stop wondering as you can obtain a copy of all relevant property documents with our “File Storage Guarantee” for 6 years.

Future legal action£75(Future legal action)

Need a property survey?

Homebuyers Survey

Find out more about the property's condition including the risk of damp or subsidence.

Building Survey

The most in-depth survey we offer to provide more detail on the property's structure.

Property Valuation Report

Level one surveys to determine the property's true value, so you don't risk overpaying.

Our promises to you

There is no wool on your eyes

Fixed legal fees

Your quote contains a Fixed fee element. On quoting we have to make a few assumptions based on the information that you were able to give us at the time. So there is a chance that your property demands more complicated work and there will be additional costs.

No move, no legal fee

Our no move, no legal fee guarantee entitles our clients to a refund on the legal fees paid to the conveyancer should the transaction fall through.

Welcome to Home Legal Direct

Use only the best Property Professionals. All your conveyancing and survey needs in one fast, efficient and friendly company!

Our home transfer solutions fall into two broad categories, namely Conveyancing and Surveys. We facilitate a smooth home ownership transfer by taking care of your administrative necessities. One provider; one complete home transfer solution. About to buy or sell your home? Get the admin sorted promptly and efficiently by giving us a ring…

We know how stressful and expensive moving home can be and we are here to help your next move go smoothly by providing you with a free, instant conveyancing quote.

All our quotes are fixed fee meaning that all of your legal fees are included. We also offer a 'No Move, No Fee' guarantee so if for any reason your property transaction falls through there is no charge for legal fees.

Whether you're selling or buying a property, Home Legal Direct can provide you with an online conveyancing quote from specialist property legal experts and licensed conveyancing solicitors who are dedicated to providing you with a fast, smooth and cost effective conveyancing transaction.

About Our Company

Use only the best Property Professionals. All your conveyancing and survey needs in one fast, efficient and friendly company!

Home Legal Direct was founded with one goal in mind - to facilitate convenient, prompt home transfers for excited house buyers and sellers in the UK. We do what it takes to make the process as smooth as possible, while educating our clients on the fascinating administrative procedure of home ownership transfer. We're led by two industry experts Peter Joseph; who was the co-founder of Tepilo and Oliver Meddick who ran one of the largest conveyancers in East Anglia, and our clients have all their questions answered by Kay and Ruth, our Client Services specialist.

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