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Land registry fee calculator

One of the constants in every, Purchase, Re-mortgage and Transfer of Equity transaction is the land registry fee.  This fee is the cost paid to the Land Registry to change the details on the title deeds of the property your conveyancer is transacting on for you.  These details include the change of ownership, and adding and removal of any mortgages or other entries on the deeds.  If you have every bought a car you will have completed the V5, this is the property version of it but with a fee based on the value of the property.

The process is very straight forward. Your conveyancer will complete a for AP1 (for registered Properties- ie already  on the Land registry database) or an FR1 (for unregistered properties- not on the Land registry database, but this only effects 3% of the Country) .

The completion of this for is all done online with support information added as required. The application is the dealt with by the Land registry. They will raise any questions for you Conveyancer to action. If not needed they will return the title deeds updated “Completion of Registration”.  

View the government website to see the latest information on land registry fees: and to use the government calculator, click here:

Land registry fees calculator

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