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What are Conveyancing Searches?

What are Conveyancing Searches?

Here's a question: What are conveyancing searches? These types of searches are carried out by the conveyancer on behalf of the buyer. Searches are important as they provide crucial information about the property. The simple, yet compelling reason for searches is to find out as much about the property you are buying.
Once the contract has been signed you agree to take the property at whatever condition it is in at that point. The obligation is on the buyer to find out as much about the property; the seller has a limited duty of disclosure.

Information about the property will be provided by searches and pre-contract enquiries (which will be asked of the seller).

Enquires are submitted to various authorities, including the local authority, water authority and Environmental Agency to provide crucial information about the property you are purchasing, such as where drains and pipes are located, whether the property is built near a mine shaft.

Do I need conveyancing searches?

If you are purchasing a property as a cash buyer you don't technically need searches, though as mentioned above it would be ill-advised not to try to find out as much as you can on such an important purchase.
If you are purchasing with a mortgage, conveyancing searches are obligatory.

Conveyancing searches include the following:-

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