The Lowdown on Surveys and Property Search

Published 29th October 2019

The Lowdown on Surveys and Property Search

If you are purchasing a property, chances are high that you will be advised to do a property search as well as a property survey. These terms can often seem to be interchangeable. While they are similar in that they both offer evaluations of the property you are considering buying, there are a few key differences. Essentially, property search refers to a list of questions that are sent to various organisations to check records. A survey, on the other hand, refers to a report done on the physical state of the property. These are done by a surveyor who visits the property.

Keep reading to find out out more about searches and surveys to see how they differ and when they would be done.

How Does a Property Search Differ From a Property Survey?

When purchasing your home, you would need a property search as well as a survey to find out whether there is anything you need to know before going ahead with the purchase. Both of these play an important role in valuing the house and identifying potential issues. Here's how each works:


As we mentioned above, property conveyance searches are done with various authorities, in your neighbourhood, your town and the greater UK. Searches are done on the following:







Surveys are done by surveyors and focus on the overall state of the property and its land. Typical surveys include the following:





An experienced UK property conveyancer from Home Legal Direct will help you through the entire process, making your property search and survey in UK as stress-free as possible.


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