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Fixed Fee Conveyancing

The conveyancing quotation you receive from us is provided on a fixed fee basis rather than an hourly rate.  We do our very best to include every possible fee and disbursement, but despite best intentions, we cannot anticipate every potential requirement and can only quote for that which is known to us when we prepare your fixed fee conveyancing quote.

Does this mean my entire quote is fixed?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to accurately predict all costs of your conveyancing journey on the information we collect from you at quote time. So no company can give you a fully fixed quote for conveyancing.

What other conveyancing costs do I need to consider?

Aside from legal fees, there are estimated costs which come in the form of third-party disbursements. These are in addition to the conveyancing legal work and include property-specific related costs, such as property searches, stamp duty land tax, and property and building surveys.

Can I expect to pay any additional fees?

We do our utmost to provide accurate conveyancing quotations based on the information provided to us. However, certain unforeseen and unexpected issues can arise during a property transaction which are difficult to predict.  Should additional fees be payable, having a good understanding of your quotation from the outset allows you to query any additional charges with your conveyancer.

Our advice

We pride ourselves on doing our best to provide you with a realistic conveyancing quotation at the start of your property journey. We recommend you read through the breakdown of your quotation together with our terms and conditions. We are also on hand to answer your queries. 

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