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As an online conveyancing panel management company, we negotiate better rates for our clients with the conveyancing and solicitor firms in our network. By guaranteeing volume, they generously agree to our competitive fee structure, meaning clients pay less to go through Home Legal Direct than clients who go to those firms directly.

The agreed fees form the basis of our quotations. These set prices are for the most typical components of the conveyancing process. By standardising these fees, our quotations are correct no matter which firm is assigned at instruction. Also, it means a transaction can be moved from one firm in the network to another without incurring additional charges – perfect if a case needs to be repanelled!

The firms in our network must follow our fee structure in their completion statements. All fees on the statement are directly payable to the conveyancing or solicitor firm, so the statement will not show any payments already made to HLD.

The initial payment to us at the time of instruction is included in the quotation we provide. The local authority search is also included in purchase quotes. The cost for this, and any other searches that might be required, will be payable to us during the transaction before the completion stage, meaning these costs will not appear on the final statement.

Our fee structure, which is agreed to by our panel firms when they join, is extensive but we are reliant on our clients providing accurate information. Sometimes, additional works crop up during the conveyancing process that not even the client is aware of. If extra work is required, the conveyancer will explain what they are and why they’re needed, and advise of the additional costs involved before the final statement is issued. This gives clients the opportunity to ask questions and make sure they are happy, before the transaction reaches completion. 

Our quotes are accurate at the time of instruction based on the information provided. Our team will always do their best to advise of any additional costs based on the information given to them, but as they are outside our set fee agreement, they are subject to change during the transaction. This might be after the assigned conveyancer establishes the exact works required, or if it’s repanelled to another firm that has a different cost for those works. However, where additional costs are involved, the firms will charge preferential rates, so clients who instruct through HLD benefit from economical pricing throughout their transactions.

Better value rates on conveyancing quotes are just one of the many benefits of instructing through Home Legal Direct!

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