Reflections on 2021 from a Conveyancing Network




In 2021, we experienced yet another challenging year and our online conveyancing network was no different. People adapting as best they can to more changes and a welcome return to some level of routine. Uncertainty is sadly escalating again but we believe we are more prepared to face this with a greater level of confidence.



An overview of the property market in 2021



As a conveyancing network who plays an essential part in the chain for any home move or remortgage plan, we have witnessed first-hand what an unprecedented year this has been for the property market.



We have seen stand-out headlines telling us that property prices in 2021 are booming, that we have the best choice of mortgage products in over a decade, that property transactions are at their highest peak, that mortgage lending criteria is set to be eased.



Add to this the continuing enticements by the government to encourage people to borrow money. The now ended Stamp Duty holiday was key, but more recently the introduction of 95% loan to value mortgages and the relaunched Help to Buy Scheme aimed specifically at first time buyers.



We are also seeing a greater range of niche mortgage products being launched. Mortgages for the self-employed, a recently launched 40-year fixed rate mortgage. Also, incentives being linked to our social conscience such as the NatWest Green Mortgages which offers low interest rates and a cashback incentive to those buying an energy efficient home in the UK.



These are all ways to help and encourage people to get moving, get onto the property ladder or make the home improvements they desire. They give confidence to the marketplace by appealing to those who are looking for peace of mind, give more affordability options such as low deposit requirements and attractive mortgage rates to reach those who have previously found it difficult to get the mortgage they require.



Adapting was key to keep the property market moving



What we have also seen throughout 2021 is businesses adapting to new ways of working with companies now better able to service customers remotely. This has allowed a return to usual operating levels for banks and lenders, albeit in a different format than pre-pandemic times.



This has had a major impact on keeping industry and business operating and has been an essential part in keeping not just the property market moving but also our whole economy as well as supporting people’s livelihoods.



As an experienced online conveyancing network, we are ready for 2022!



There will most certainly be new challenges in 2022 but with strong indications that the property market will remain buoyant, there is most certainly a need for services that are always able to support customers within an ever-changing climate.



Home Legal Direct is well positioned to do this by providing an online conveyancing service with an experienced team of advisors to always support in the search for the best conveyancer. Through our online conveyancing network, we support thousands of customers throughout their transactions each year. This year we have saved our customers a total of  £2.8million in conveyancing fees and we have combined our experience with a robust knowledge of the property market and the house buying, house selling and remortgaging process.



How can we help?



  • We work to understand your property requirements and the level of conveyancing service you need
  • We offer our experience to assign your conveyancing transaction to one of our vetted conveyancing firms who is right for you
  • We save you money by tailoring your conveyancing quote to meet your exact needs
  • We speed up the conveyancing process by carrying out your property searches as soon as you instruct
  • We protect our customers with no hidden extras and a fixed legal fee



As we step into 2022, we look forward to continuing in our commitment to support our customers by adapting to the changes and challenges ahead of us. We look forward to working with you in 2022.


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