New build conveyancing

Getting the right conveyancing advice when buying a new build property requires a high level of specialist knowledge which is where Home Legal Direct can help.

We offer specialist conveyancing solutions to meet these requirements and give our customers access to the right conveyancer who will provide you with the expertise you need.   We also provide conveyancing quotations which take into account bespoke circumstances such as purchasing a new build property. This gives you accurate conveyancing costs that you can rely on.

Why do I need an independent conveyancing solicitor when buying a new build home?

When looking to purchase a new build home, it is important to consider the conveyancing aspect of the purchase as they are different than for an existing home.   New home developers can offer their own conveyancing services, but an independent conveyancer will work better to protect your interests.

What conveyancing work is involved?

Home Legal Direct are on hand to provide you with a conveyancing quotation and offer you advice on the conveyancing work involved. In the meantime, we have provided you with an overview of conveyancing considerations when buying a new build home.


Protecting your deposit A deposit is required to secure a new home usually as a percentage of the final house value. Your conveyancer will look at the terms of this deposit to confirm your level of protection for different scenarios e.g. if you are locked into a deposit amount if the house price valuation falls.
Putting in place a ‘long stop’ completion date Your conveyancer will consider a ‘long stop’ completion date which will protect the home buyer if a property is not built by a particular date. This allows a home buyer to break the contract without any penalty or loss of any deposit.
Including a snagging provision A snagging provision written in the contract ensures any errors and defects found after completion are passed on to the building developer. A conveyancing solicitor will usually conduct a snagging survey before final payment on the property.  
Checking warranties are in place Your conveyancer will check you have the necessary warranties for the property e.g, new build homes usually have a 10-year warranty for structural defects. They also ensure you receive all relevant guarantee documents on items such as windows and roofs.
Confirming freehold or leasehold status The conveyancer will document if the property is freehold or leasehold and review the lease details and management of common areas as necessary.
Conducting searches Searches will be undertaken to determine if the appropriate planning permissions are obtained and adhered to in construction.  
Confirming access to utilities and drainage Checks will be undertaken to ensure there is the correct access to utilities and drains.  
Checking for restrictive covenants Restrictive covenants attached to the property will be checked. For instance, covenants could restrict alterations, building an extension or attaching anything onto the property without paying a fee.


How can we help?

The legalities involved in buying new build homes are complex. If you are looking to buy a new home either as a first-time buyer or otherwise, make sure you speak to Home Legal Direct for advice about your conveyancing quote.

Give Home Legal Direct a call on 020 3868 4519 to speak to a member of our team.

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