Moving House Checklist

When you’re moving house it can feel like you’ve got a hundred and one things to think about; being organised is key and the sooner you can get things sorted the smoother your move should be!

Use our check list to know what needs to be done when. Click here to download a printable moving house check list so you can tick off what you have done and record important information.

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Six weeks before

  • Decide whether you are going to hire a van and move yourself or use a removal company. Get at least 3 quotes for van hire or 3 quotes from different removal companies and decide whether the money you’ll save to move yourself is worth it.
  • Start decluttering. This is the perfect time to start getting rid of things, especially if you want to sell items. You don’t want to pay to move stuff you don’t need or want.
  • Arrange insurance for the new property to ensure you’re covered from the day you move in.
  • If you are currently renting notify your landlord in writing of your moving date.
  • If you’re moving to a new area do some research for information about local news and facilities.
  • If you have children that are moving schools arrange to transfer records and order new uniform.
  • Purchase a file to store documents relating to the move such as to-do-lists, contact telephone numbers and correspondence paperwork. Make a note of important contact details you may need at the new property (doctors, vets, hospital etc).

4 Weeks before

  • Confirm the completion date with your conveyancer.
  • Start to collect packaging materials. Buying bubble wrap in large rolls saves money (and breakables!). Supermarkets and recycling websites are good places to get boxes.
  • Check whether there are any parking restrictions at either address and that the removal van can easily access both properties.
  • Clear out storage spaces such as the loft, garage and shed. Make a list of any garden items (furniture/plants/pots) you’re taking with you so they don’t get forgotten.
  • Start to pack non-essential items. Make sure to clearly label each box with what’s in it and what room it is to go into in the new property. A colour-coded key can be helpful. If you have the space dedicate one room or area to storing packed boxes so you don’t feel overwhelmed.
  • Notify the relevant utility companies of your move. Decide whether you are staying with the same companies or if you can switch to a cheaper supplier.
  • Change your address details. Click here to download a change of address check list.

2 weeks before

  • If you are moving a long distance decide whether you need to book a hotel room for the first night.
  • If possible, arrange for someone to look after children and/or pets on moving day.
  • Finalise details with the removal company or van hire.
  • Start to run down freezer foods.
  • Arrange for disconnection of appliances you are taking with you (gas cooker, washing machine, dishwasher.
  • Start to dismantle flat pack furniture.

1 week before

  • Put important items such as passports, wills, insurance details, jewellery and cash in a box to take with you in the car on moving day.
  • Finish up as much packing as you can, leaving only items you will need to use over the next week.
  • Give the post office your new address details and arrange a mail redirection service.
  • Contact a locksmith to arrange for them to fit new locks.
  • Let friends and family know what time you’re moving and ask if they can be on call incase you need them.
  • Put together list of helpful information for the new owner (i.e. where the stopcock, fuse box and electric and gas meters are).

3 days before

  • Do any last minute laundry.
  • Gather together and label keys for your current property.
  • Make up a moving day essentials box. Include things you may need for the first few days, such as bedding, toilet paper, soap, torch, bottled water, scissors, cups, kettle, tea and coffee, first aid kit and, of course, some champagne and glasses! Download a full list here.
  • Defrost and dry your fridge and freezer.
  • Confirm a time to pick up the keys to your new property.

The day before

  • Do a final check to ensure everything is packed. Don’t forget to check cupboards, loft, garage and shed.
  • Pack an overnight bag with toiletries, pyjamas, towels and change of clothes.
  • Make sure all mobile phones are fully charged.
  • If someone is looking after children and/or pets confirm arrangements with them.

Moving day

  • Record meter readings. Write them down and keep a copy in the file – it’s also a good idea to take a photo with your phone.
  • If you’re using a removal company have an inventory list for them and make sure one person stays until they have finished loading the van.
  • Put aside the essentials box, overnight bag and any fragile and valuable items that are going in the car.
  • Lock all doors and windows and leave any spare keys where they can be easily found.
  • Do a final walk round of house, garden and garage.

At your new home

  • Make sure the water, gas and electric are all working. Take meter readings.
  • Put the kettle on (and put some biscuits out) for the removal team and/or family.
  • If you are using a removal company make sure one person is on hand to help and guide.
  • Tick off every item on the inventory. Do a through sweep of the van to ensure everything is accounted for.
  • Put the box of important and valuable items in a safe place.
  • If you’re changing the locks confirm all keys work before the locksmith leaves.
  • Make up the beds, unpack your overnight bag and essentials box; everything else can wait for another day.
  • Order a takeaway, open the champagne and relax!

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