Why High Street Conveyancers Cost More Than Online Conveyancers

If you have ever wondered whether online conveyancers are a more cost-effective solution compared to traditional conveyancers, you’ll be glad to know that getting help online can certainly help you save. You may be getting ready to sell your home or you might be looking for your dream home to purchase. Whatever the case, using online conveyancers usually ends up costing a lot less than a High Street conveyancing specialist. Keep reading to find out why.

Online Conveyancers: The Affordable Solution for Buyers & Sellers

Unlike traditional High Street conveyancers, online conveyancers are able to offer a complete service, all online. That means that none of the typical overheads you would expect from an office apply. Online conveyancing experts work remotely, with no cost of premises, no complicated processes and a number of tools that help to further save you money.

Most trusted online conveyance experts have done careful economies of scale to be able to provide buyers and sellers with an affordable solution. The reduced cost is one of the primary reasons that most people turn to online conveyancing specialists rather than trying to find a brick and mortar agency that may end up costing far more in the short and long term.

Some of the biggest advantages of working with an online conveyance specialist include the following:

Lower costs.

As we mentioned above, there are many things that help to keep costs down. Here at Home Legal Direct, for example, you can get a quote simply and quickly online with the help of our estimate tool. This makes it far easier to not only reduce unnecessary costs but also plan your upcoming sale or purchase armed with all the costing information you need. There are no hidden costs to worry about, either, which brings us to our next point…

No hidden costs.

Unlike traditional conveyancers, online specialists work on a fixed rate that is relevant to the service you require. This rate covers all areas of the service you need, all the way through to completion. Many traditional solicitors charge hourly rates for time spent on various transactions, which quickly add up and set you back financially. That also leads to hidden costs that only arise when you get the bill once your property deal is completed.

Reduced risk.

Most online specialists have policies in place that reduce risk, such as a no move, no fee rule. Many traditional conveyancers will still bill for the number of hours, even if you do not end up being able to purchase your property or sell your property.

Real-time updates.

Finally, with an online system, you get the benefit of online tools that add even more value. You will be able to track progress far more easily without having to constantly check in with your conveyancer to find out where you are in the process.

Ready to work with an experienced UK property conveyance company to sell or purchase your property? Get in touch with our team today and see why we are one of the leading online conveyancers in the UK.

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