What to Ask Your Home Insurance Consultant

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While not a legal requirement in the UK, home insurance is put in place to protect you, the home owner, from unforeseen expenses involving your property and its contents. There are two main types of home insurance: building insurance and contents insurance. The former involves your building, while the latter is concerned with your household belongings. About to sign up with a home insurance provider? Ask your consultant these questions before committing to your choice:

Home Insurance Questions to Ask:

Below are a few questions you need to ask your home insurance consultant before putting pen to paper…

  1. Do I have to tell my insurer when renovating or extending?  
    If you’ve insured your home for rebuilding value, you will need to notify your insurance provider about any structural renovations you undertake. This type of work will affect the rebuilding costs of your home, so the last thing you want is to be insured for a rebuilding cost that is much lower than the actual rebuilding cost.
  2. What is covered under my home insurance policies?  
    This is a very important question to ask, and can prevent much unhappiness should the worst take place and you need to claim. Most home insurance policies cover the following:Building Insurance  
    – Structures (walls, roofing, ceiling, garage, driveway, shed, and fences)  
    – Permanent fixtures (bathroom & kitchen fittings)Contents Insurance  
    – Removable items on property (furniture, clothing, jewellery, electronics, cash, etc.)  
    – Other items (tools, contents of your freezer, etc.)
  3. Should I insure my home for market value or rebuilding cost?  
    We’d always recommend insuring your home for the rebuilding cost, as it will be different to the market value. Your policy needs to allow for rebuilding your home in the current form, as well as clearing the property in the event of a natural disaster.
  4. Will my premiums drop if I improve my home security?  
    It is hard to predict whether or not your premiums will lower should you, say, beef up your home security while your home insurance policy is active. However, it is common knowledge that home insurance premiums are lower for properties with security measures (alarm system, automated gate, camera systems) as opposed to properties with no security whatsoever.
  5. How long have you been offering home insurance?  
    Another important question to ask your home insurance provider is how long they’ve been in business. Be cautious when choosing a house insurer that is brand-new or is yet to prove themselves in the community, as you have no idea what the service will be like. Do some research on your insurance provider, and be sure to check their details (Appointment Representation Number, FCA firm reference number, company number and VAT number).
  6. Can I read a few reviews from your past clients?  
    Lastly, you’ll want to have a look at what your potential insurer’s past clients are saying about them. A home insurance consultant’s efficacy is only as good as its ability to satisfy clients, so if your potential home insurer has no reviews – or worse, negative ones, keep your distance.

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