Types of Property Surveys & Why They’re Important

Did you know that one in five property purchasers only go as far as procuring a mortgage valuation report? Without all of the necessary property surveys, homebuyers are often slapped with unexpected repair and maintenance bills once taking occupation. This article looks at four essential property surveys to consider before putting pen to paper and taking ownership of a new property:


RICS Condition Report

This type of property report is suitable for newly-developed properties and properties in reasonably good condition. A RICS Condition Report describes the general condition of the property, identifying potential risks and legal issues. A condition report comes in on the cheaper end of the price spectrum, and is often referred to as a ‘light traffic’ report. It is important to note that a condition report won’t delve into valuation or give you any advice. This is just to bring any blatant issues to your attention.

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RICS Building Survey

As the most comprehensive type of property survey, RICS Building Surveys are suitable for all types of properties, but they’re vital for properties that are very old or which have experienced trauma in the past. It might not include a valuation element, but this survey digs as deep as a survey can, assessing unseen structural elements like underneath floorboards and inside walls. Redeveloping a property? This is the type of survey you’ll need. A detailed report is provided, with advice on how to deal with any issues uncovered.

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RICS HomeBuyer Report

A RICS HomeBuyer Reports is the most commonly-acquired property survey in the UK. This survey takes a look at the entire property, pointing out any light structural issues like damp or subsidence. A HomeBuyer report won’t go as far as checking the foundations and within walls, but will reveal any obvious property issues and potential solutions to these. Some HomeBuyer reports include a basic property valuation, so speak to your property surveyors about this!

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Mortgage Valuation Survey

Any new property owner wants to know that the property they’re buying is actually worth the price being asked for it. This is ascertained with a mortgage valuation report. It’s a valuation report, so your surveyor won’t give you information regarding damage, potential risks and the like. This information can be divulged, however, should the property be deemed less valuable than the asking price, and evidence is required to substantiate the claim.

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Affordable, Professional Property Surveys in the UK

Need any of the above property surveys? Home Legal Direct has a network of professional, accredited property surveyors ready and able to assist you – ensuring that you get the information you need before making a decision. Contact Home Legal Direct here and let us impress you when next needing a property survey!

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