Selecting a Property Solicitor After COVID-19

With the economy now open, buyers and sellers will have a lot more to consider when selecting a property solicitor. While lockdown has ended, the pandemic is still changing the way that property transactions are done. It will take a long time before the full impact that lockdown has had on the property market will be seen. With that said, there is no doubt that the process of selling and purchasing property will change.

One major change during lockdown was the rise of remote solicitors and agents, in order to protect all parties and maintain social distancing. Online viewings and valuations have become the norm and transactions themselves were affected by completion pauses and other unforeseen events. For buyers and sellers looking for a property solicitor, there have been additional factors that have come into play.

Choosing a Property Solicitor After Lockdown

Property transactions came to a stop at the event of lockdown, with UK residents staying home. This included buyers and sellers, as well as agents and property solicitors. Transactions were paused where possible, even in the case of unoccupied properties, unless precautions were followed. Buyers and sellers were advised to change moving dates. Property was not listed as an essential service, which meant that the entire property industry effectively came to a stand-still.

Lockdown has now ended and the economy has re-opened. With the end of lockdown, property transactions have spiked. Paused completions can now move forward and numerous new properties have come onto the market. This is due to the increase in remote work, as more people choose to work from home, seeking properties that are suited to remote working. Another reason for the boom is the 'Christmas effect', which often happens when people spend a large amount of time together, such as over the holidays or during the lockdown. This can often trigger an increase in divorces, which, in turn, leads to couples selling and moving.

The wait to complete transactions has to lead to an increase in new listings, as transactions are finally able to move forward. For buyers and sellers, the new climate makes it more important than ever to choose a property solicitor that can adapt and think ahead. The move to remote viewings and other new ways of viewing and valuations will take a forward-thinking solicitor who is able to embrace the changing property industry. Working with a smart solicitor who is able to navigate the current landscape is essential. You will need to find a property expert who will be able to continue assisting you even after lockdown's effects have come to an end.

At Home Legal Direct, we have carefully chosen our team of experts for their extensive expertise and experience within the ever-changing property industry. As an online conveyancing solution, we offer a streamlined way to assist you through the sales and purchase process, without the typical hurdles often faced by traditional High Street solicitors. Contact us today to find out more about working with a property solicitor in the UK who can guide you through the transaction process with minimal stress.

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