How will online conveyancing change post-pandemic?

As the effects of the last year continue to unfold, the property market keeps moving forward. To push through the thousands of property transactions that have commenced during this time, the industry has modernised in response. Traditional conveyancing practices have been compelled to adapt to cope with the increase in cases. These changes have enabled many home-movers to achieve their property dreams. Online conveyancing solutions have grown in popularity. With plenty of fulfilled movers completing their transactions, there is fresh positivity to be seen in the market.  Rightmove recently reported their busiest January to date, as buyers start to see beyond the fast-approaching deadline of the stamp duty holiday.

The property industry has proven to be adaptable:

Over the last year, we have all adapted to new guidance and special measures to help keep us safe. Technology has been integral in building a bridge between safety and normality. Creating that sense of familiarity has helped keep things moving, in both professional and personal settings. Particularly in the property settings, some of these changes look set to become more permanent fixtures. Virtual viewings and video appointments have been essential to keep cases moving.

The conveyancing world has also made changes:

During the pandemic, people have realised the value of technology in supporting their home and work lives. Previously, some would have been hesitant to try new methods, now more are open to modern solutions. Online conveyancing services have become more popular than ever. Face-to-face meetings are removed from online options, as well as the physical exchange of documents. With correspondence mainly taking place over the telephone and online, quicker turnaround times and lower costs can be achieved.

How will the online conveyancing process change?

Experiencing the pandemic has led many of us to look for less disruptive solutions to achieve our goals. Embracing technology as the solution for your conveyancing transaction will drive your case forward. Along with being able to achieve smoother transactions and faster turnaround times, popular features such as online quote tools and live case tracking, you can get the results you want, faster and for a better price.

How can Home Legal Direct help?

Home Legal Direct is an online conveyancing and survey network that connects you to expert conveyancers, fast! Our panel of reputable conveyancing firms facilitates fast and smooth transactions for all our customers. We utilise modern technology to form our innovative portal and provide you with features such as live case tracking, so you can get updates in real-time. Our new biometric identification check service will allow you to prove your identity in minutes, which would take traditional conveyancers weeks to achieve! We are constantly working to provide the best service for our clients, whatever your conveyancing needs.

Get your online conveyancing quote in seconds!

Home Legal Direct’s online estimate tool will provide you with a free quote in seconds! We can facilitate a range of conveyancing and survey services specific to your requirements. Our quotes are competitive and come with a no move, no legal fee guarantee. Find out exactly how much your home move will cost by getting your free quotation today!

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Buying a house?

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