How online conveyancing panel managers can help stabilise your chain!

During the pandemic, more home-movers than ever before turned to online conveyancing panel managers. Not only do they provide a faster and smoother service, but online conveyancing firms also help give movers a stronger position within their chains. Property chains are made up of multiple movers, who are buying and selling properties from each other. For example, a chain may start with a first-time buyer looking to get on the property ladder and end with a seller moving into rented accommodation. There can be any number of links in-between, which is where the complexity comes in. When one link causes or encounters a delay, it will have a knock-on effect throughout the rest of the chain. But online conveyancing panel managers can help keep chains together, as well as give you a stronger position.

Get prepared with an online conveyancing firm:

Preparation is key in getting your conveyancing transaction
moving and is essential to prevent pressure on your chain in the early stages.
By getting your mortgage offer in place early and instructing a conveyancer as
soon as possible, can help you get prepared. However, as the market continues
to buzz, local solicitors and conveyancers are experiencing an influx of cases.
With their capacity already high, more and more are turning away new cases.
That is where online conveyancing firms are a great solution. They use a panel
of conveyancing firms that they refer work to. By having access to numerous
firms, they often have more availability and can monitor capacity to ensure the
conveyancers are under less pressure.

Online conveyancing means speed:

Online conveyancing firms have always been focused on
removing unnecessary processes to make the overall conveyancing process faster.
You will never have to visit an online conveyancer, which will save you time by
not having to factor in lengthy appointments or consultations. Online
conveyancing firms often send most documents via email, so postal delays will
be less frequently encountered. Some online firms are continuing this idea by
using digital methods for customers to complete their identification and
anti-money laundering checks. Instead of taking the time to drop in your
documents to a local conveyancer, you can prove your identity from the comfort
of your own home. A conveyancing solution that is designed to be faster and
more efficient can help set the pace for the rest of the chain.

Communication is key to keep chains happy:

We are all aware of the immense pressure that conveyancers
are under due to the stamp duty holiday. While they focus on the numerous cases
they have on the go, communication can become strained. An online conveyancing
network, however, is designed for exactly this reason. Part of the service they
provide is to bridge the gap between conveyancer and customer. While the
conveyancer focuses on the legal work, online firms specialise in customer
service. From later opening hours, to be open on weekends, they are more often
available when you need an update or answer. Many also utilise online tracking
systems, where you can log in to monitor your transaction whenever suits you.
Access to updates from your conveyancer and good communication with the team at
the panel manager is key. You will be confident in knowing exactly where you
are with your case, and your chain will be at ease from your updates.

Why choose Home Legal Direct?

By choosing Home Legal Direct, you will be connected to a
regulated and vetted conveyancing firm for your transaction. You will be
referred to an expert conveyancing firm and receive support and guidance from
our customer service team. As an online conveyancing panel manager, we deliver
a fast and efficient service for every customer. Our biometric identification
solution allows you to prove your identity in minutes, instead of waiting weeks
with a local conveyancer! We are open in the evenings and on weekends, so you
can contact us when it is convenient for you. Our online case tracking will
also keep you up to date, so you can always feed information back to your

If you are ready to get prepared and start your conveyancing
journey, begin
with a free online conveyancing quote!

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