Do You Need a Local Solicitor When Buying a House?

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Do you really need a local solicitor when purchasing a house? Although most property seekers assume that they cannot move forward without an office-based solicitor, the reality is that an online solicitor can be every bit as effective and even a lot more affordable. To assist with purchasing a home, what is most important is finding a conveyancing solicitor that is experienced, qualified and able to get you through the process as simple as possible. A good online solicitor will be able to take you through the purchase, saving you a great deal of time, stress and money in the process. Keep reading to find out why an online solicitor is often a better alternative to a local solicitor.

Why You Don't Need a Local Solicitor to Buy a House

Making the choice between an online and local solicitor can be daunting at first – especially if you are not sure what to expect. Conveyancing can be done remotely, helping to simplify the process of purchasing property in many ways. The most important thing, whether online or local, is that you choose a solicitor that has experience within conveyancing and property negotiations. An experienced solicitor will be far better equipped to deal with any potential problems that might arise, while someone who lacks experience will make a challenging situation even more stressful. For example, a good solicitor should be able to deal with a wide range of issues, from property transfer titles to valuations.

Some of the biggest advantages of working with an online conveyancing solicitor include the following:


One of the biggest advantages of online conveyancing is that it is affordable. It is also much easier to compare quotes online to find the firm that offers the most value. Over and beyond cost, make sure that you step back a bit to look at the value. An experienced, trusted conveyance firm that has a team of property experts on hand will add far more value than a cheaper but less experienced firm.


Although you may assume that local solicitors give you the chance to talk directly to the solicitor handling your paperwork, this is not always true. In many cases, you would only have the chance to meet once or twice. Even though communication is done through email or the phone with an online solicitor, most firms have the benefit of large teams and customer service departments that are equipped to deal with various situations. This gives you the advantage of having your questions and concerns addressed quickly, without the need for scheduled meetings.


Finally, as we briefly mentioned early, the thing that is most important when choosing any type of conveyancing solicitor is experience. Many local solicitors might have experience within property law and conveyancing while lacking experience in other areas of property negotiation. An experienced conveyance firm that has a team of highly trained, experienced property experts will always be your best choice for purchasing property.

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