Why choosing the right conveyancing lawyer makes a big difference

conveyancing lawyer

Finding your perfect home is a dream come true for many. Although it may seem like a straightforward process, conveyancing is a specialist practice. A conveyancing lawyer carries out the lawful process of amending the legal title of a property. While you can opt to carry out the work yourself, it is most common to instruct a conveyancing lawyer to act on your behalf. Choosing the right conveyancer is integral to ensuring your transaction goes smoothly and correctly.

There are many factors to consider when selecting a conveyancer. Conveyancers play an integral role in a range of property transactions. From buying to selling, or making another change to the title deed, they undertake a variety of cases. Your specific case requirements may influence who you choose to handle your case. However, we believe there are some important factors to keep in mind before making a decision.

A modern-day approach:

Now more than ever, home-movers are turning towards online conveyancing and survey services. As times remain uncertain, safety precautions measures are now essential, but this does not have to pause your transaction. Online conveyancing services had removed the need for face-to-face visits and dropping in documents, even before the pandemic. Forms can be filled out and documents can be exchanged using online postal methods. During an unprecedented time, you need a technological solution to drive your transaction forward.

A transparent quotation:

Most traditional conveyancers work at an hourly rate. This means if your case is complicated or takes longer than planned, the more money it will cost you. It also prevents you from knowing how much your quote will be upfront. Ensure you select a conveyancer that works at a fixed rate, so you know exactly how much your transaction will cost. Online conveyancing services have lower costs involved and can provide you with the best price. Also look for guarantees like “no move, no legal fee” and additional services like homebuyer’s protection insurance, to give you added peace of mind.

Full customer support

Your conveyancing lawyer no longer needs to be local to complete the work, but it helps if the firm has a welcoming and personable approach. Times remain uncertain and we understand how this can affect your confidence with instructing your case. Looking at online reviews can be a good way to learn about a company from previous customers. Benefits such as later opening times and being open on weekends are a great indication that the firm is willing to go the extra mile to support you. Excellent customer support is just as important as quality conveyancing, to ensure you feel like your case is in safe hands.

Why choose Home Legal Direct?

Home Legal Direct is an online conveyancing and survey network that connects you to expert conveyancers. Our panel of conveyancing firms are experts in their field, facilitating smooth and fast transactions. Our innovative portal provides you with live case tracking in real-time, so you can always check for updates when it is convenient for you. We work on a fixed rate, to provide you with an upfront quotation to suit your requirements. We believe in transparency and therefore give you the costs upfront, without hidden additional fees.

Our dedicated Home Legal Direct team works hard to support you while the conveyancers focus on the legal work. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of customer service for every client. For this reason, we are open late four days a week as well as on weekends. We believe the future of conveyancing starts right now, and we are here to facilitate an expert service for your transaction.

Get your conveyancing quote now!

Home Legal Direct’s online estimate tool will provide you with a free quote in seconds! We can facilitate a range of conveyancing and survey services specific to your requirements. Our quotes are competitive and come with a no move, no legal fee guarantee. Find out exactly how much your home move will cost by getting your free quotation today!

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