What is Digital Conveyancing?

Offering a simplified way to buy or sell property, digital conveyancing works similarly to traditional sale and purchase conveyancing, without the need to submit paper documents. Changes to the Land Registration Rules were put into place on 6 April 2018. The new approach allows transfers to be done online, using secure e-signatures that enables various […]

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Why High Street Conveyancers Cost More Than Online Conveyancers

If you have ever wondered whether online conveyancers are a more cost-effective solution compared to traditional conveyancers, you’ll be glad to know that getting help online can certainly help you save. You may be getting ready to sell your home or you might be looking for your dream home to purchase. Whatever the case, using […]

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Unravelling the Conveyancing Process

Understanding the conveyancing process is essential, whether you are buying or selling your home. To help you understand this process, we have put together a useful guide that outlines the steps involved in both the selling and the purchase of your property. Keep reading to find out more about the typical sale and purchase conveyancing […]

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