stamp duty

Stamp duty holiday: Savings are still to be had!

Over the last year, the property market has revolved around the stamp duty holiday. Following the announcement in July 2020, fresh energy swept the market as buyers raced to benefit from the savings. While the market was busy, onlookers nervously anticipated the impact the holiday deadline might have. Even with the original deadline extended by […]

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high LTV

Can high LTV mortgages help after the stamp duty holiday deadline?

As we continue to move forward during this uncertain time, the property market progresses too. With all eyes firmly focused on the imminent deadline of the stamp duty holiday, professionals and individuals alike anticipate what the future holds for the market. The House of Commons has announced plans for a debate on the topic of […]

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stamp duty holiday

Stamp Duty Holiday will NOT be extended

The government has announced there will be no extension of the current stamp duty holiday. They confirmed the planned deadline of 31 March 2020 will be the final day of the tax break. After this date, homebuyers will face additional costs, disappointing many across England and Northern Ireland. After a petition was launched on the […]

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