Need Conveyancing Solicitors in London?

Conveyancing Solicitors in London

Many buyers and sellers assume that conveyancing solicitors in London are their only choice for smooth transactions. In reality, local conveyancers are not the only option. Thinking that you are forced to choose a local property solicitor rather than going with the firm that is best suited to your needs can end up making any transaction more stressful then it should be, and it can also increase your risk of choosing a conveyancer for all the wrong reasons. In this guide, we take a closer look at whether you need a local conveyancer or whether there are other options to consider aside from conveyancing solicitors in London.

Do You Really Need Conveyancing Solicitors in London?

The first question you should always ask, whether you are purchasing property or aiming to sell property is what your primary needs are in regards to the upcoming transaction. For many, this will likely be to get help and make sure that the process is simple, stress-free, and compliant throughout every part of the process. To this end, there are a few things to consider when choosing conveyancing solicitors in London or anywhere else.


There is little point going to a local solicitor in London if the firm is not able to provide a comprehensive range of services. This should ideally include fixed fee quotes, no move, no fee guarantees, transfer of equity, re-mortgaging help, equity release, and other related services that help make your sale or purchase easier. You should also be ensured excellent customer service, from a team that truly has your best needs at heart. A local conveyancer that provides a limited service offering, with poor support, will not be someone you can trust to get you the best possible deal.


You may think that a local solicitor is the most accessible option if you live in London. An online solicitor is even more accessible, however, as you can get help from any location. There is no need to visit the firm in person and communication can be done via email or phone. This saves you time and effort, without having to make endless trips to your local firm. As an added benefit, most online conveyancing firms have larger teams, making it faster and easier to get help. Most local firms assign a specific agent to you and if that agent is not available, you will often have to wait. This can be frustrating, to say the least.


Finally, another important thing that should take precedence over location is the experience of the firm. Does the local firm have ample experience in negotiating transactions? How long have they been operating? Does the agent that has been assigned to you have experience or are you dealing with someone with a limited understanding and first-hand knowledge of property transactions? A major benefit of working with an online team is that you have the benefit of collective experience. As you are not dealing with one specific person and instead of being assisted by a team, you will always have experience from property experts who have been helping clients deal with all areas of buying and selling.

Rather than taking the option that seems like your only choice, it always pays to understand that you always have options. Working with an online conveyancer can be far more effective than choosing conveyancing solicitors in London purely because you think that is your only choice.