Be in the 40% of people who plan for life's certainties

Doing a Will is sometimes the last thing you want to think about, but it should be one of the most important.

As time passes you work, you earn money, buy property, have a family, get married all of this leads to having to think about the “what if something happens to me”.

The saying goes, there are two certainties in life being Death and Taxes…… we all plan for taxes but only 40% of us plan for Death…. This must change!

Making a Will does not have to fill you with dread, think of it as :-

There are different types of Will

There is also, Powers of Attorney to consider when doing a Will :-

This all sounds terrifying.. don't worry we are here to help!

A Will is an ever-evolving document, as your circumstances and wealth in your 20s will be different to when you are in your 50s. So don't think of it as a finished book…. Think of it as an ongoing story. You can amend your Will to reflect your ever changing circumstances and wishes.

Home Legal Direct are here to take away the worry and stress out of making a Will. Don't be in the 60% bracket that have yet to sort this, be one of the 40% that have protected their family and assets! 

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