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Home Legal Direct takes a look at what home insurance is, common types of home insurance, why this type of insurance is important, and how to arrange home insurance.

What is Home Insurance?

Put simply, home insurance is financial protection for when things go wrong regarding your house or the contents therein. House insurance is not compulsory, but rather a buffer to assist with repairing your house – or replacing stolen/damaged items – should unfortunate circumstances befall you.

There are two main types of home insurance in the UK - building insurance and contents insurance. These are discussed in more detail below:

Building Insurance

This type of home insurance is put in place to protect home owners against unanticipated damage or theft of permanent building fittings, as well as damage to the property and structures found upon it.

Contents Insurance

Home insurance wouldn’t be worth much if it didn’t protect the items within your home, like the television and kitchen appliances. With contents insurance in place, these items can be replaced in the event of theft or damage.

Why is Home Insurance Important?

As mentioned above, house insurance can really reduce the financial burden of repairing your home or replacing stolen/damaged items. This type of insurance is not a legal requirement in the United Kingdom, though some lenders might require that you take out building insurance before approving your loan.

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

The coverage of your house insurance in the UK might differ depending on the company you decide to partner with, but most home insurance policies will cover the following:

Building Insurance covers…

Contents Insurance covers…

Covers accidental damage, loss or theft of:

Arrange Comprehensive Home Insurance

Looking for comprehensive, affordable house insurance? Contact Home Legal Direct through our website, and we will respond with more information.

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