Home Legal Direct’s Premium Buyer Protection Insurance explained

Published 19th August 2022

Home Legal Direct’s Premium Buyer Protection Insurance explained

We understand that buying a home can go wrong. Home Legal Direct can offer the right insurance to protect you in the event of this happening and to give you that added piece of mind. Read on to discover more.

Protecting our customers

A house sale falling through is not only disappointing, but it can also cost you financially. As an online conveyancing network that assigns our customers to one of our panel of expert conveyancing firms, our goal is to provide our customers with all the support and advice needed for a smooth move.

With this in mind we are able to offer our Premium Buyer Protection Insurance package as a way of helping our customers. It is designed to protect our clients in an uncertain market where circumstances can change overnight.

What does Home Legal Direct’s Premium Buyer Protection Insurance include?

A property purchase can fail due to the seller (vendor-driven failure), or the buyer (buyer-driven failure). We have insurance to protect you for up to 6 months.



Home Buyers Protection insurance

The ultimate peace of mind and protection against a vendor (seller) driven cancellation. This covers you for:

  • Property owner withdrawing the house from the market
  • Gazumping protection
  • Vendor not legally entitled to the property
  • Cover for properties in England and Wales
  • You, or a person you are purchasing the property with, being given a notice of redundancy
  • Your death, or the death of the person you are purchasing the property
  • Conveyancing Fees £1500
  • Valuation Fees and Survey Fees £750
  • Mortgage and Arrangement Fees £450
  • Alternative storage and accommodation costs £300

Read full details of Home Buyers Insurance

£3 000 (Max)

Chancel Insurance

If you are buying a property on land subject to chancel repair you will be legally obliged to contribute towards repairs to the chancel. The best way to protected against any Chancel Liability is not search it, but insure against it. You are covered for up to £500 000 although the likelihood of a claim to that value is remote.

£1 000 (Estimate)

Search insurance

Finally you can relax when paying large search payments upfront with our Search Insurance Product. This covers you for 6 months, allowing you to not have to worry if the vendor pulls out or under certain conditions you have to cancel the transaction.

Read full details of Search Insurance

£349 (Estimate)

6 years file storage

Ever wondered where your title deeds are, stop wondering as you can obtain a copy of all relevant property documents with our “File Storage Guarantee” for 6 years.


Our Premium Buyer Protection includes Home Buyers Protection Insurance, Search Insurance, Chancel Insurance, and File Storage. Here’s a summary:

Home Buyers Protection Insurance

Our insurance covers for properties in England and Wales. It provides protection against a vendor driven cancellation for the following reasons:

It provides cover up to a value as follows:

Search Insurance

Our policy covers you for 6 months from the date the searches are ordered. In the event of a sale falling through you as the buyer will be reimbursed for the cost of searches as follows:

If the vendor withdraws from the transaction due to:

If you (the buyer) withdraws from the transaction due to:

Chancel Insurance

You may be legally obliged to pay for chancel repairs meaning having to pay for repairs to a local parish church from old laws that are still in existence. This can be expensive. Chancel insurance gives your protection against having to pay for this.

File Storage

Our insurance covers you with a file storage guarantee for 6 years.


It’s easy to underestimate the costs involved with buying a house from conveyancing fees to the cost of searches, to surveys. This is money lost if a house sale falls through.  Home Buyers Protection Insurance will allow you to claim back some of the money you have spent as well as give some added peace of mind.  Contact the team at Home Legal Direct for advice. 

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