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Preparing your house for sale

Mia Joseph By Mia Joseph

Published 19th January 2023

When it comes to selling your house, first impressions are everything. A well-presented, clean and tidy home is more likely to attract potential buyers and fetch a higher price. Preparing your house for

Mortgage Rate Cuts & House Price Inflation Decline

Oliver Meddick By Oliver Meddick

Published 2nd December 2022

Despite soaring interest rates UK lenders continue to slash mortgage rates. Furthermore, market indicators show house price rises are not only slowing but poised to drop into negative territory.  Zoopla,

What a changing mortgage market means for home buyers

Peter Joseph By Peter Joseph

Published 22nd November 2022

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or if you already have a mortgage, right now there is a lot of uncertainty in the UK mortgage market.  We take a look at what's going on and the effect on home buyers.

Autumn Budget Statement 2022 - Key Points

Peter Joseph By Peter Joseph

Published 18th November 2022

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced to the House of Commons the highly anticipated Autumn Statement on 17th August 2022.  Want to know more?  Read our quick glance summary of all the key points. Autumn

Advice for first time buyers getting onto the property ladder

Oliver Meddick By Oliver Meddick

Published 19th October 2022

Looking to purchase your new home? This can be both an exciting yet nerve wracking time and for many first-time buyers the process can feel a little bit overwhelming. We have put together our top advice

How to be a savvy home buyer and lock value into your new home

Oliver Meddick By Oliver Meddick

Published 14th October 2022

Identifying a home that has hidden potential for value addition is the mark of a savvy home buyer. First time buyers often need to navigate various hurdles just to narrow down the list of potential properties,

What does the new stamp duty cut mean for home buyers?

Oliver Meddick By Oliver Meddick

Published 30th September 2022

With the arrival of the new stamp duty rules as announced in the recent mini budget on Friday 23rd September, we provide a quick glance summary of the changes and what the stamp duty rules could mean for

Weighing up the pros and cons of buying a new build home

Published 29th September 2022

Buying a new build home can be a great option, from first time buyers wanting to get on the property ladder, to those looking for a larger family home or those looking to downsize.  Weighing up the options

Latest News: Stamp duty cut on the horizon

Published 21st September 2022

The Times newspaper has reported today that Liz Truss is due to cut stamp duty in a mini-budget to take place on Friday 23 September.  The Times reports that the move comes as part of an attempt to drive

How to protect your personal information

Published 7th September 2022

Buying or selling a property requires the sharing of a large amount of personal and financial information.  Gain a better understanding of the regulations in place and what that means for us during a

Navigating through a changing tide in the housing market

Published 2nd September 2022

A changing tide in the housing market is upon us.  We look at how homebuyers are having to navigate their way through higher interest rates and an unstable economic climate and consider is it time for

The effect of Covid 19 on housing prices

Published 19th August 2022

The height of the Covid 19 pandemic brought about major house price fluctuations and dramatic price increases for commodities in general. We consider what impacted property prices, during the pandemic,

Home Legal Direct’s Premium Buyer Protection Insurance explained

Published 19th August 2022

We understand that buying a home can go wrong. Home Legal Direct can offer the right insurance to protect you in the event of this happening and to give you that added piece of mind. Read on to discover

How much money can you save by remortgaging?

Published 9th August 2022

Remortgaging saves you money on monthly repayments and can improve your mortgage terms. Find out ways to save money by switching your mortgage terms.The cost of living and interest rates have been on an

Bank of England relaxes lending criteria

Published 5th August 2022

The Bank of England has removed the affordability test, a measure that has been in effect since the catastrophe of the 2008 housing crisis. While there has been an overall increase in nationwide mortgage

Home Buyers Protection Insurance – what it covers and is it worth it

Published 1st August 2022

Home Buyers Protection Insurance is a safety net for home buyers designed to help protect from a financial lose if a house sale falls through. In the current climate, finding ways to protect yourself during

How to reduce your risk from your house sale falling through

Published 1st August 2022

We all know that buying or selling a property comes with its own risks, but our desire to move into our own home is strong and with recent data showing that UK house price growth has increased by 12.8%*,

The perils of why house sales fall through

Published 15th July 2022

Buying and selling a home can be an exciting new adventure but the reality is that it can be a nerve-wracking business. A new report published by Landmark Information Group reveals that the number of transactions

A conveyancers take on the effects of rising interest rates

Published 13th June 2022

The Bank of England interest rate is at its highest level for 13 years with the potential for another increase on the horizon. Hear from Oliver Meddick, Chief Executive Officer at Home Legal Direct, with

How to buy a property at auction pt. 3: What happens after you win?

Published 13th May 2022

Buying a property at auction can be a nerve-wracking process and the atmosphere can be tense, but you have done your research and are ready to make your bid. Now it's time to read part three of our "How

How to buy a property at auction pt. 2: Preparing to make your bid

Published 18th April 2022

In part two of our guide on buying a property at auction, we provide advice on the next stage of the auction buying process. From getting your conveyancing sorted, to the ways you can take part in the

How to buy a property at auction pt. 1: Getting prepared

Published 21st March 2022

Buying a property at auction can give you access to some great properties and investment opportunities, but it can be a fast-paced and intense experience. Being prepared is key so to help guide you through,

Government First Homes Scheme: Your step onto the property ladder

Published 7th March 2022

Getting onto the property ladder can be a challenge for many and in the current climate with house prices at a record high, owning your own home can feel out of reach. The Government has put

What searches will you need when buying a property?

Published 11th February 2022

Searches are an essential part of the property buying process.  They are conducted on behalf of both the purchaser and the lender by a conveyancer and the information provided is designed to protect

The rise of interest rates: Should you be concerned?

Published 5th January 2022

In the run up to Christmas, the Bank of England announced a rise in interest rates from 0.1% to 0.25%. This was the first increase in over three years the timing of which was met with some surprise.

Reflections on 2021 from a Conveyancing Network

Published 23rd December 2021

In 2021, we experienced yet another challenging year and our online conveyancing network was no different. People adapting as best they can to more changes and a welcome return to some level of routine.

Ten top tips for first-time buyers!

Published 18th November 2021

 Buying your first home is both an exciting yet intimidating time. For many first-time buyers, the process can feel a little bit overwhelming. The journey of purchasing a property is not always easy and

Moving in 2022? Instruct your conveyancer early!

Published 27th October 2021

Whether you are buying or selling, it is best to instruct a conveyancer to handle the legal changeover. While it is possible to do it yourself, conveyancing is a high-risk process, and you will be liable

Remortgaging: Tips for a fast and efficient transaction!

Published 21st September 2021

Taking out a mortgage will be one of the biggest financial commitments of your lifetime. It is both exciting and intimidating, but you do not have to stay with the same deal for the full term. Taking

Buying a second home? Top tips to get ahead!

Published 20th August 2021

The number of people in the UK that own a second home is on the rise. According to reports, more than one in ten adults in the UK have now made that additional investment. The recent boom in the market

Property surveys: Why are they so important?

Published 15th August 2021

Buying a property is a big investment. If it will be your new home, the significance is even greater as it becomes a symbol of your future. That is why it is so important to conduct the relevant property

Stamp duty holiday: Savings are still to be had!

Published 6th August 2021

Over the last year, the property market has revolved around the stamp duty holiday. Following the announcement in July 2020, fresh energy swept the market as buyers raced to benefit from the savings.

Gazumping is back! Top tips to protect yourself

Published 9th July 2021

When a buyer finally finds the property they have been searching for, it feels like a dream come true. The excitement and sense of relief that their search is over can be overwhelming, but it is easy

How to protect yourself if a sale falls through

Published 25th June 2021

Nothing compares to the excitement of finally finding your dream home. When your offer is accepted and the buying process begins, it feels like nothing can stand in your way. However, the possibility

What happens after an offer is accepted?

Published 14th June 2021

What happens after an offer is accepted may not be one of your first thoughts. When you decide it is time to move home, it is easy to focus on finding your new property. Identifying what you want, looking

Taking a closer look at the UK Mortgage Guarantee Scheme

Published 7th June 2021

The April budget speech gave first-time home buyers more than a glimmer of hope, with the introduction of a Mortgage Guarantee Scheme. This government measure aims to inject life into the lackluster

Busting online conveyancing myths!

Published 25th May 2021

Online conveyancing services have grown in popularity during recent years. Particularly in response to the pandemic, where customers could continue the process while also adhering to the relevant safety

How online conveyancing panel managers can help stabilise your chain!

Published 21st May 2021

During the pandemic, more home-movers than ever before turned to online conveyancing panel managers. Not only do they provide a faster and smoother service, but online conveyancing firms also help give

The launch of the Government-guaranteed mortgage scheme!

Published 23rd April 2021

If you are a prospective homebuyer, you have likely heard of the latest Government initiative. Many are set to benefit from the launch of the new Government-guaranteed mortgage scheme. Following the

Stamp duty: What does an extension of the holiday mean for homebuyers?

Published 16th March 2021

Following the launch of the stamp duty land tax holiday in July last year, it went on to be a huge success. It motivated homebuyers in the wake of the first national lockdown after many realised their

How will online conveyancing change post-pandemic?

Published 19th February 2021

As the effects of the last year continue to unfold, the property market keeps moving forward. To push through the thousands of property transactions that have commenced during this time, the industry

Why choosing the right conveyancing lawyer makes a big difference

Published 25th January 2021

Finding your perfect home is a dream come true for many. Although it may seem like a straightforward process, conveyancing is a specialist practice. A conveyancing lawyer carries out the lawful process

Can high LTV mortgages help after the stamp duty holiday deadline?

Published 22nd January 2021

As we continue to move forward during this uncertain time, the property market progresses too. With all eyes firmly focused on the imminent deadline of the stamp duty holiday, professionals and individuals

2021: What is in store for the property market?

Published 22nd December 2020

We have seen many updates and changes in the property industry over recent weeks. From heightened calls to extend the stamp duty holiday following the statement released by the Treasury, to the return

Stamp Duty Holiday will NOT be extended

Published 16th December 2020

The government has announced there will be no extension of the current stamp duty holiday. They confirmed the planned deadline of 31 March 2020 will be the final day of the tax break. After this date,

Stamp Duty Land Tax Holiday: Is an extension on the horizon?

Published 10th December 2020

As 2020 draws to a close, many are reflecting on the challenges we have all faced this year. It was impossible to predict the true extent of what COVID-19 would bring. The “new normal” has made

Stamp duty holiday end: High street conveyancers decline new cases

Published 24th November 2020

The deadline for the stamp duty holiday is fast approaching. Across the country, excited homebuyers are still eager to take advantage of the welcome tax break. As a result, high street conveyancers

Government to launch 95% mortgage scheme for first-time buyers

Published 12th October 2020

During the virtual Conservative party conference that took place on 6th October, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a radical new scheme to help first-time buyers get on the property ladder. In a bid

The benefits of choosing online conveyancing during the pandemic

Published 9th October 2020

The benefits of choosing online conveyancing during the pandemic During this uncertain time, the idea of moving seems more daunting than ever. Our daily lives have been transformed by the restrictions put

What happens when a sale falls through - the role of a conveyancer

Published 10th September 2020

It is a new home owner’s worst nightmare: they find their dream home, build up a heap of excitement while they wait for the legal applications to be processed, only to find out that the sale has fallen

How the right conveyancing solution can aid buy-to-let transactions

Published 9th September 2020

With the recently-announced stamp duty holiday in effect until March of next year, inquiries for UK residential properties up to £500,000 have skyrocketed almost overnight. Many United Kingdom residents

Choosing a conveyancer during the stamp duty holiday

Published 20th August 2020

On the 8th of July this year, Chancellor of the Exchequer – Rishi Sunak – announced temporary alterations to the Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT). This came after month-on-month property enquiries fell

Choosing the Right Property Conveyancer

Published 20th July 2020

Finding the right property conveyancer is more important than ever before – especially for home buyers. On Wednesday 8 July 2020,  Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a stamp duty tax holiday for property

The Difference a Property Conveyancer Makes in Getting Your Dream Home

Published 23rd June 2020

A good property conveyancer can make all the difference between getting your dream home and losing out. Every home buyer dreams of finding the perfect property. For some, it may be the very first purchased

Selecting a Property Solicitor After COVID-19

Published 28th May 2020

With the economy now open, buyers and sellers will have a lot more to consider when selecting a property solicitor. While lockdown has ended, the pandemic is still changing the way that property transactions

How Property Conveyancing Will Change After Lockdown

Published 22nd May 2020

Now that the UK economy has re-opened, many buyers and sellers are wondering how post-lockdown property conveyancing will affect transactions. Months after COVID-19 has swept through the world, there

Why You Need Online Conveyancers and Estate Agents

Published 27th February 2020

Whether you are purchasing or selling property, you will likely need the help of online conveyancers. You will also need a good estate agent. Many who are new to property transactions are unsure whether

The Future of Property Conveyancing

Published 15th February 2020

There is no doubt that property conveyancing has changed a great deal. In the last decade alone, buyers and sellers have been able to navigate the conveyancing process with the help of a wide range of

What Is Equity Release & How Does It Work?

Published 20th January 2020

Ideal for homeowners of 55 years and older, equity release offers a way to release the money tied up in your property. This option is ideal for those who have paid up their mortgage, with a property that

Can I Do My Own Conveyancing?

Published 9th January 2020

DIY conveyancing can seem like a good way to save money, whether selling or purchasing a property. Many buyers and sellers assume that the savings are high enough to make it worth the risk. In other cases,

What is Home Buyers Protection Insurance?

Published 17th December 2019

Home buyers protection insurance is designed to provide better peace of mind when buying property. After putting in an offer, paying various costs, and getting excited about the sale going ahead, it

What is Digital Conveyancing?

Published 5th December 2019

Offering a simplified way to buy or sell property, digital conveyancing works similarly to traditional sale and purchase conveyancing, without the need to submit paper documents. Changes to the Land

Need Conveyancing Solicitors in London?

Published 22nd November 2019

Many buyers and sellers assume that conveyancing solicitors in London are their only choice for smooth transactions. In reality, local conveyancers are not the only option. Thinking that you are forced

Brexit's Affect on Property Sales in 2020

Published 5th November 2019

While Brexit has left much uncertainty in all areas of business and life, one area that it will certainly impact is property sales. According to an Independent report published in October 2019, lead credit

The Lowdown on Surveys and Property Search

Published 29th October 2019

If you are purchasing a property, chances are high that you will be advised to do a property search as well as a property survey. These terms can often seem to be interchangeable. While they are similar

Needing a Solicitor for Buying a House? Read This!

Published 3rd October 2019

If you require a conveyancing solicitor to help you purchase your dream home, you may be wondering how to even begin finding the right solicitor. For many new home buyers, this can be especially challenging.

How Does Conveyancing Work in 2019?

Published 23rd September 2019

To give you a better understanding of how it works, we have put together a simple guide to conveyancing in 2019. This guide is ideal for those who are new to the process, whether selling or purchasing

What is No Sale No Fee Conveyancing?

Published 16th September 2019

No sale no fee conveyancing gives you peace of mind in knowing that you will not have to pay legal fees to your conveyancer if your property transaction falls through. You will only have to pay for any

Do You Need a Local Solicitor When Buying a House?

Published 22nd August 2019

Do you really need a local solicitor when purchasing a house? Although most property seekers assume that they cannot move forward without an office-based solicitor, the reality is that an online solicitor

How Does Transfer of Equity Work?

Published 8th August 2019

Transfer of Equity is done when you as a property owner wish to add one or more people to your property ownership or legal title of your property. This process can also happen when you wish to remove one

When Can a Seller Safely Pull Out of a Property Sale?

Published 17th July 2019

What happens when you decide to pull out of a property sale? More importantly, when can you make this move? In theory, you can cease the sale even if you reach escrow. Although it can be daunting and,

Do You Have to Pay Solicitors Fees if The Sale Falls Through?

Published 10th July 2019

A question commonly asked by prospective home buyers and sellers is whether you still have to pay property solicitors fees even if the sale falls through. Many buyers and sellers hire solicitors without

Why High Street Conveyancers Cost More Than Online Conveyancers

Published 21st June 2019

If you have ever wondered whether online conveyancers are a more cost-effective solution compared to traditional conveyancers, you'll be glad to know that getting help online can certainly help you save.

Unravelling the Conveyancing Process

Published 14th June 2019

Understanding the conveyancing process is essential, whether you are buying or selling your home. To help you understand this process, we have put together a useful guide that outlines the steps involved

10 Things to Look For When Buying a Property

Published 21st May 2019

Starting to think about buying property? If you are a first time buyer, you may be wondering what to look for when visiting show houses. How do you know whether that seemingly perfect home is the right

Is it Currently a Property Buyers Market in the UK?

Published 7th May 2019

If you have been wondering whether now is a good property buyers market in the UK, you may have considered factors such as Brexit, as well as current house prices. Along with the political climate that

Can you Remortgage Your Home to Make Improvements?

Published 21st April 2019

If you are planning some improvements in the not-too-distant future, you may be wondering whether you can remortgage your home to fund the renovations. Your alternatives, in this case, would be taking

The Process of Buying a House

Published 7th April 2019

Buying a house can be incredibly stressful and confusing, even with the excitement that comes with the thought of owning your own property. While the initial house viewing phase is relatively simple, things

How to Help Fund Retirement From The Profit in Your Property

Published 28th March 2019

If you have been thinking about how to fund your retirement through property investment, there are a number of options that you have to consider. There is no doubt that property offers a lucrative potential

How to Get Your Property Ready for Selling

Published 14th March 2019

Preparing for a property sale is as stressful as it is exciting. If you are selling your property or getting ready to sell, you have likely purchased a new home. You may be moving abroad or simply moving

How Exactly Does Remortgaging Work?

Published 20th February 2019

In a nutshell, remortgaging is the process of paying off one property mortgage with another, using the same property as security. This property legal service is widely used by property developers increasing

Types of Property Surveys & Why They’re Important

Oliver Meddick By Oliver Meddick

Published 14th February 2019

Did you know that one in five property purchasers only go as far as procuring a mortgage valuation report? Without all of the necessary property surveys, homebuyers are often slapped with unexpected repair

15 Home Legal Direct Reviews from Feefo

Published 30th January 2019

When it comes to property legal services, like conveyancing and surveying, it is critical that you utilise a company that is trustworthy and respected in the community. One way to gauge a company’s standing

What to Ask Your Home Insurance Consultant

Published 23rd January 2019

While not a legal requirement in the UK, home insurance is put in place to protect you, the home owner, from unforeseen expenses involving your property and its contents. There are two main types of home

Answered: How Does Conveyancing Work?

Published 17th December 2018

Conveyancing is the transfer of a property’s legal title from one person to another. In a nutshell, it involves all legal and administrative processes attached to buying or selling a property. So, how

Do You Need to Use a Local Conveyancing Solicitor?

Published 9th November 2018

  Too often homeowners and property developers are caught by estate agents when it comes to procuring a conveyancing solicitor. You’ll be told that, by using their solicitors, the process will be

Home Legal Direct & partner for home insurance in the UK

Published 19th October 2018

Whether you’re a landlord, a tenant, or you live in the home you own, home insurance is a must for protecting the contents of your home and the building itself. Home insurance in the UK is available

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