Can you Remortgage Your Home to Make Improvements?

If you are planning some improvements in the not-too-distant future, you may be wondering whether you can remortgage your home to fund the renovations. Your alternatives, in this case, would be taking out a separate loan specifically for the renovations or using your own capital. Releasing equity from your property by remortgaging may not be […]

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How to Help Fund Retirement From The Profit in Your Property

If you have been thinking about how to fund your retirement through property investment, there are a number of options that you have to consider. There is no doubt that property offers a lucrative potential investment. For retirement, property can help to cushion your savings, providing more peace of mind and an additional income stream […]

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How Exactly Does Remortgaging Work?

In a nutshell, remortgaging is the process of paying off one property mortgage with another, using the same property as security. This property legal service is widely used by property developers increasing their portfolio, as well as private home owners moving to a property with a higher value. There are five steps to the remortgaging […]

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types of property surveys - man inspecting a woman's house

Types of Property Surveys & Why They’re Important

Did you know that one in five property purchasers only go as far as procuring a mortgage valuation report? Without all of the necessary property surveys, homebuyers are often slapped with unexpected repair and maintenance bills once taking occupation. This article looks at four essential property surveys to consider before putting pen to paper and […]

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What to Ask Your Home Insurance Consultant - Home Legal Direct

What to Ask Your Home Insurance Consultant

While not a legal requirement in the UK, home insurance is put in place to protect you, the home owner, from unforeseen expenses involving your property and its contents. There are two main types of home insurance: building insurance and contents insurance. The former involves your building, while the latter is concerned with your household […]

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