Why You Need Online Conveyancers and Estate Agents

Whether you are purchasing or selling property, you will likely need the help of online conveyancers. You will also need a good estate agent. Many who are new to property transactions are unsure whether both of these industry professionals are needed and many are unsure how estate agents and conveyancers work together to simplify the […]

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What to Ask Your Home Insurance Consultant - Home Legal Direct

Can I Do My Own Conveyancing?

DIY conveyancing can seem like a good way to save money, whether selling or purchasing a property. Many buyers and sellers assume that the savings are high enough to make it worth the risk. In other cases, they assume that there are little risks involved in doing their own conveyancing. In reality, the conveyancing process […]

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What is Digital Conveyancing?

Offering a simplified way to buy or sell property, digital conveyancing works similarly to traditional sale and purchase conveyancing, without the need to submit paper documents. Changes to the Land Registration Rules were put into place on 6 April 2018. The new approach allows transfers to be done online, using secure e-signatures that enables various […]

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