Government-guaranteed mortgage

The launch of the Government-guaranteed mortgage scheme!

If you are a prospective homebuyer, you have likely heard of the latest Government initiative. Many are set to benefit from the launch of the new Government-guaranteed mortgage scheme. Following the Prime Minister’s pledge to help “generation rent” become “generation buy,” the new scheme is set to help thousands. While speaking at the Spring Budget, […]

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stamp duty

Stamp duty: What does an extension of the holiday mean for homebuyers?

Following the launch of the stamp duty land tax holiday in July last year, it went on to be a huge success. It motivated homebuyers in the wake of the first national lockdown after many realised their home no longer suited their needs. This combined with the prospect of saving thousands in land tax charges, […]

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online conveyancing

How will online conveyancing change post-pandemic?

As the effects of the last year continue to unfold, the property market keeps moving forward. To push through the thousands of property transactions that have commenced during this time, the industry has modernised in response. Traditional conveyancing practices have been compelled to adapt to cope with the increase in cases. These changes have enabled […]

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conveyancing lawyer

Why choosing the right conveyancing lawyer makes a big difference

Finding your perfect home is a dream come true for many. Although it may seem like a straightforward process, conveyancing is a specialist practice. A conveyancing lawyer carries out the lawful process of amending the legal title of a property. While you can opt to carry out the work yourself, it is most common to […]

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high LTV

Can high LTV mortgages help after the stamp duty holiday deadline?

As we continue to move forward during this uncertain time, the property market progresses too. With all eyes firmly focused on the imminent deadline of the stamp duty holiday, professionals and individuals alike anticipate what the future holds for the market. The House of Commons has announced plans for a debate on the topic of […]

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property market

2021: What is in store for the property market?

We have seen many updates and changes in the property industry over recent weeks. From heightened calls to extend the stamp duty holiday following the statement released by the Treasury, to the return of high loan-to-value mortgages to market, it has been far from a quiet month. With the end of 2020 in sight, many […]

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stamp duty holiday

Stamp Duty Holiday will NOT be extended

The government has announced there will be no extension of the current stamp duty holiday. They confirmed the planned deadline of 31 March 2020 will be the final day of the tax break. After this date, homebuyers will face additional costs, disappointing many across England and Northern Ireland. After a petition was launched on the […]

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95% mortgages for first time buyers

Government to launch 95% mortgage scheme for first-time buyers

During the virtual Conservative party conference that took place on 6th October, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a radical new scheme to help first-time buyers get on the property ladder. In a bid to turn “Generation Rent” into “Generation Buy,” the Government’s plan for a 95% mortgage program aims to create an estimated two million […]

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